Youth ministry

Harvest Youth Ministry exists to connect teens into the body of Christ, raise them to be disciples who obey God's Word, serve the church and spread the Gospel. Our youth ministry includes students from 6th through 12th grades. 

We meet on Saturday nights at 5:30pm and Sundays at 12.30 for classes by grade-level. Teachers and studies are below.

sixth grade

Monica Lee

Sixth-graders learn about who Jesus Christ is--his person, his work, his life, and his teachings.

seventh grade

veronica ng (ASST: josh kim)

Seventh-graders learn about Old Testament characters.

eighth grade

sarah jang and yoonhyuk kim

Eighth-graders learn the basics of theology.

ninth grade

yerim shi and titus kim

Ninth-graders learn about their purpose and identity along with biblical manhood and womanhood.

tenth grade

daniel chang and jenna kuk

Tenth-graders learn about the Westminster Catechism and New Testament characters.

eleventh grade

eunice pyon and kong shi

Eleventh-graders learn about experiencing God personally and apologetics.

twelfth grade

Min Sun kim and ryan lee

Twelfth-graders learn apologetics and college prep.