UPDATED 8/12/20

-Thanks. We appreciate our media ministry (Ryan Lee, Kenneth Kuk, John Lee, and others) for making online worship possible to many.

-Sunday Worship. This Sunday, we will worship both in-person and online as we live-stream our Omega Service. We will have our first of three guest preachers, as we are privileged to have pastor Chris Ogden from Horizon West Church. 

-Focus. As a church, our aims during this seasons are four-fold: connect, encourage, pray, serve. Shepherds should communicate this to their members and teachers to their students.

-Prayer Meeting. Our prayer meetings will continue on Zoom on Wednesdays from 7.30-9pm. Prayer meeting links will be emailed out on Wednesday morning. All are welcome to join in prayer and fellowship.

-Fasting Week. Several times a year, we engage in church-wide fasting and prayer. We will be fasting dinners (after 4pm) from Monday through Friday of next week (August 3-7) to pray for two specific prayer topics: the new school year and the next generation of believers. Join us as we seek God for this. 

-All Church Prayer Meeting. Several times a year, we have morning prayer services for our entire church. These typically happen at times when families are together (holidays, start/end of school, etc). Our next all-church family morning prayer service will be Saturday, August 8 at 6am in the Vision Sanctuary. Youth Director Josiah will be sharing a 10-15 minute devotional followed by times of personal/family prayer. Due to COVID, pastors will not be praying for people afterwards.

-New Playground. Thanks to Nathan Mullins and Rick Terrell and the many who have been serving so faithfully to build a playground for our children. We are about a week away from completion. Saturday will be a big day as we want a heavy push from our Harvesters to finish the task. All who want to serve can come at 8 am. Steak lunch will be served afterwards. If you can serve and would like to be added to a Kakao Group chat for immediate updates, talk to Rick ([email protected]) or talk to Nathan for more information.

-Christian Service Center (Daily Bread). This organization downtown is in need of food donations, cash donations and volunteers to serve lunch over the next three Tuesdays. Talk to Aaron Hines for info.

-Grass Cutters. New grass-cutters are being recruited for Saturday morning’s lawn care ministry. Talk to John Shyer Lee ([email protected]) or Aaron Hines ([email protected])

-Cleaning Ministry. As we make our facilities as safe as possible, talk to Eugene Kwak if you’d like to be part of our cleaning ministry.

-Lawncare. Talk to Aaron Hines if you can serve the Lord by grass-cutting and lawn-care on Saturdays.

Youth and Children Ministry News

 -SNF Re-opening. SNF began to re-gather socially distanced in-person last week with praise and prayer time. We will not take a break of in-person SNF for the remainder of the fall, but will continue with SNF throughout the year. In the weeks ahead, we will be hearing from teachers and SNF partners such as Monica Lee, Ryan Lee, Kong Shi, Kenny Kuk, and Sarah Jang! Talk to Josiah for more info. This week, we welcome 8 new 6th grade students for our special 6th grade welcoming party with games, worship, and a devotional from our 6th grade teacher, Monica Lee. Please contact our youth director, Josiah Cha, for more information.

-Kingdom Keepers. Our children’s ministry is going through some changes and transitions. Mrs. Jeannie Kim is officially on staff as our children’s ministry director. Praise God! With much uncertainty in this upcoming school year, along with COVID concerns and life transitions, there are some opportunities available to serve our children’s ministry on Sunday mornings. If you are a member of Harvest, you love kids, and you are growing in the Lord, prayerfully consider serving our children’s ministry. KK servants worship at Alpha Service and serve children during Omega. Talk to Mrs. Jeannie for more info at [email protected]

-Sunday School. Youth classes ARE ON BREAK FOR THE SUMMER and will resume next Sunday, August 23rd.

-Slideshow. HYM is putting together a slideshow of favorite memories from January 2019 until now! If you have any videos or pictures that you would like to submit, you can email or text Josiah at ([email protected] or [email protected]).