UPDATED 1/21/2021

-Thanks. We appreciate our media ministry (Ryan Lee, Kenneth Kuk, John Lee, and others) for making online worship possible to many.

-Sunday Worship. On Sundays, we worship in-person for Alpha and Omega services while we live-stream our Omega Service. This weekend we will continue a sermon series called, “Pandemic Proof”, while also hearing Michelle Hines share about Harvest 201. Please pray for her, for CW Park and other praise leaders, for Josiah Cha who will be presiding, and PDL as he preaches God’s Word.

As more people return in-person, please consider worshiping at our Alpha service to help maintain safe distances during our services. In-Person worshipers should prepare to arrive earlier for services and come prepared to follow all safety guidelines.

-Prayer Meeting. Our prayer meetings will continue on Zoom on Wednesdays from 7.30-9pm. Prayer meeting links will be emailed out on Wednesday morning. All are welcome to join in prayer and fellowship.

-Daniel Fast. Daniel Fast 2021 will go from February 8-28. Please prayerfully consider using this time to seek more of God with family, friends, house churches, and others.

-Growing in 2021. As we start 2021, let’s make commitments to grow in our relationship with God and to grow in community. If you have not yet, this is a great time to join a house church, to start coming out to youth SNF, and to make personal decisions to follow Christ. What new step will you take? Will you commit to serve our church? Commit to membership? Commit to being baptized or taking a class? Commit to prayer meetings? Let’s grow in this new year.

Check out the many great Bible reading plans on the YouVersion Bible App. Download it and get into the Word with others.

-Service Opportunity. While many ministries and programs have been halted during the pandemic, some are slowly being reintroduced. A form has been created to provide a way for Harvesters to serve in ways that they are able and comfortable. Please take time to fill out the survey sent via email.

-Serving Breakfast. Be part of a ministry that serves breakfast to the servants who minister on Sundays between Alpha and Omega services. Info and sign up are available here. Talk to Jaime Fan or Eugene Kwak if you have any questions.

-Christian Service Center. Many bags and boxes of gifts have already come in. Praise God and keep them coming!

One of our ministry partnerships is with the Christian Service Center in downtown Orlando. As temperatures drop, they are in need of men’s clothing, particularly shoes, socks, and jeans. Drop off can be done in our atrium in our worship building. Talk to Aaron Hines for more information or email him at [email protected]

Youth and Children Ministry News

 -SNF. On Saturdays, our youth ministry gathers for Saturday Night Fellowship starting at 5.30pm. This Saturday, there will be a time of worship, a message from teacher Ryan Lee about love languages, as well as other activities! Please bring your own water bottles and a Bible and journal and writing utensil to SNF. For more info on our youth ministry or if you would like to receive youth ministry-related emails, email Josiah at [email protected]

-Partay. Our next Parent, Teacher, And Youth Time will be on February 7 at church after Omega Service. Josiah will be talking about the power of addictions and how we can find freedom. Make plans to be there with your family members. 

-Sunday School. Youth classes have now resumed in-person. Please keep teachers and students in prayer.