UPDATED 10/21/20

-Thanks. We appreciate our media ministry (Ryan Lee, Kenneth Kuk, John Lee, and others) for making online worship possible to many.

-Sunday Worship. This Sunday, we will continue to worship in-person for Alpha and Omega services while we live-stream our Omega Service. We are continuing our series on the Book of Proverbs, entitled, "Need Wisdom?” as we look at how God’s wisdom calls us to see sexuality and lust. Our youth director Josiah Cha will be speaking this week. To prepare your heart and mind and to grow in godly wisdom, join others in reading a chapter of Proverbs a day (today is Proverbs 14) and post a verse that spoke to your heart on social media. For those who read through Proverbs in September, this will the second time reading through the wisdom of Proverbs. Please pray for Josiah as well as for our other servants, including our presider Eugene Kwak and Albert Kang and our praise leaders. P.DL will be preaching online at Servants Retreat (Virginia) throughout the weekend.

-Prayer Meeting. Our prayer meetings will continue on Zoom on Wednesdays from 7.30-9pm. Prayer meeting links will be emailed out on Wednesday morning. All are welcome to join in prayer and fellowship.

-Harvest 201. 12 Harvesters are currently taking Harvest 201 this semester. Pray for all of our students who are taking the class that meets each Tuesday nights from 7-930pm. Pray for hunger, growth, and protection for the students and for PDL as he teaches.

-Three Strand Prayer. Please take a moment to fill out this evaluation form for feedback and follow-up, find it here.

-Christian Service Center (Daily Bread). Be the hands of Christ by packaging meals that will be distributed to those in need at the Christian Service Center (Daily Bread) The CSC (DB) needs volunteers almost daily so you can go at any time you are able. For info, talk to Aaron Hines ([email protected])

-Cleaning Ministry. Our Cleaning Ministry has released some of their servants to go and teach youth so anyone wanting to serve our cleaning ministry can talk to Eugene Kwak ([email protected]).

-Lawncare. Talk to Aaron Hines if you can serve the Lord by grass-cutting and lawn-care on Saturdays.

-Gospel Centered Counseling Class. Lighthouse Church in California is known for its strong counseling program. They are offering a Gospel-Centered Counseling class online that will meet for 12 Mondays (every three weeks) for two hours/session. All Harvesters are invited to consider it, especially house church shepherds and other teachers. Ever since Christ founded the church, he has called us to bear one another's burdens and point each other to Christ for hope. Whether we help as parents, spouses, co-workers, roommates, shepherds, teachers, or friends the training will encourage loving and wise conversations in families, churches, and communities. Since the class meets in California, it will go from 10pm-midnight here. See more info below. Over 10 Harvesters have already registered for the class. Find more information here

Youth and Children Ministry News

 -SNF. Every Saturday, our youth ministry gathers for Saturday Night Fellowship starting at 5.30pm. This week our youth will hear a message from youth teacher Daniel Chang, a former youth pastor, before breaking up into small groups. Due to COVID restrictions, dinner is not being served at this time, so please make sure to eat before SNF. Let’s pray for our youth and our children and contact our youth director, Josiah, for more information.

-A Heavenly Celebration. This year, our alternative to Halloween event will be a socially distanced gathering to be held from 4-6pm on Saturday, October 31. The theme is CandyLand and all who come should dress in their favorite candy costume. A raffle will be held at 5.30pm and all kids will receive Goodie Bags at the end.Most of the event will be held outdoors. Temperature will be checked and masks are required. Kids will sanitize hands between stations.Volunteers can talk to Mrs. Jeannie Kim. Pray for this event that will be safe and fun and outreach-centered so you can bring your unbelieving friends and neighbors.

-Sunday School. Youth classes have now resumed in-person. Please keep teachers and students in prayer.