UPDATED 9/16/20

-Thanks. We appreciate our media ministry (Ryan Lee, Kenneth Kuk, John Lee, and others) for making online worship possible to many.

-Sunday Worship. This Sunday, we will continue to worship in-person for Alpha and Omega services while we live-stream our Omega Service. We are continuing our series on the Book of Proverbs, entitled, "Need Wisdom?” as we continue a look at different topics through the lens of wisdom and folly. To prepare your heart and mind and to grow in the wisdom journey together, please read a chapter of Proverbs a day (today is Proverbs 16!) and post a verse that spoke to your heart on social media. As we get closer to Sunday, please pray for P.DL and our other servants, including our presider Josiah and Chanwoo and our praise leaders. Pray also for Mary Moon, one of our newest members, as she shares her membership testimony.

-Prayer Meeting. Our prayer meetings will continue on Zoom on Wednesdays from 7.30-9pm. Prayer meeting links will be emailed out on Wednesday morning. All are welcome to join in prayer and fellowship.

-Harvest 201. 16 Harvesters are taking Harvest 201 this semester. Pray for all of our students who are taking the class that meets each Tuesday nights from 7-930pm. Pray for hunger, growth, and protection for the students and for PDL.

-New Playground. This Saturday is the final push for our playground. As many people as can come will be needed from 7.30am-4pm. We will need 12 strong people to wheel concrete from a truck to our playground within a one-hour time limit, from 7-8am. We will then need 15 people to put down a layer of weed covering over the playground. The next steps will be to have many volunteers pour mulch on the playground and pouring sand at the bottom of each of four slides. Come out and bring clothes that you don’t mind getting dirt. Please let Rick Terrell know if you are able to make it for any part of the time by emailing [email protected]

-Christian Service Center (Daily Bread). We serve monthly at the Christian Service Center by packaging meals that others deliver to the homeless. Our next opportunities are September 15 and October 16 from 11am-12pm. You can also provide food or finances.Talk to Aaron Hines for info.

-Serving Horizon West. The serving date that was scheduled for Saturday, September 26 has been postponed. New dates will be announced soon.

We will be joining hands with a few other churches in Horizon West to serve over 500 meals to people in need in our community. Come and serve with others and build bridges for His kingdom in our area. The event will happen from morning to early afternoon and will either be held at a local school or church. Detailed info will be announced as it becomes available.

-Grass Cutters. New grass-cutters are being recruited for Saturday morning’s lawn care ministry. Talk to John Shyer Lee ([email protected]) or Aaron Hines ([email protected])

-Cleaning Ministry. Our Cleaning Ministry has released some of their servants to go and teach youth so anyone wanting to serve our cleaning ministry can talk to Eugene Kwak ([email protected]).

-Lawncare. Talk to Aaron Hines if you can serve the Lord by grass-cutting and lawn-care on Saturdays.

Youth and Children Ministry News

 -SNF. Every Saturday, our youth ministry gathers for Saturday Night Fellowship starting at 5.30pm. This week, one of our former youth teachers and current House Church Shepherd Alex Pak will be speaking before well break into our brand new small groups. Due to COVID restrictions, dinner is not being served at this time, so please make sure to eat before SNF. Let’s pray for our youth and our children always. Please contact our youth director, Josiah Cha, for more information. 

-Kingdom Keepers Teachers. If you are a member of Harvest, you love kids, and you are growing in the Lord, prayerfully consider serving our children’s ministry as a teacher. KK servants worship at Alpha Service and serve children during Omega. Talk to Mrs. Jeannie for more info at [email protected]

-AWANA. AWANA is a discipleship program for children that focuses on Scripture memory. After a hiatus, AWANA will return online starting TONIGHT, September 16. New ways of engaging children are being developed. If you are an adult who wants to serve as a teacher or a youth student who wants to serve as a small group leader, talk to Mrs. Jeannie.

-Sunday School. Youth classes have now resumed in-person. Please keep teachers and students in prayer.