UPDATED 11/18/20

-Thanks. We appreciate our media ministry (Ryan Lee, Kenneth Kuk, John Lee, and others) for making online worship possible to many.

-Sunday Worship. On Sundays, we worship in-person for Alpha and Omega services while we live-stream our Omega Service. P.DL will be preaching on the wisdom of Proverbs. Please pray for our service, our attendees, as well as for our other servants, including our presider Josiah Cha and Brian Min and our praise leaders.

-Prayer Meeting. Our prayer meetings will continue on Zoom on Wednesdays from 7.30-9pm. Prayer meeting links will be emailed out on Wednesday morning. All are welcome to join in prayer and fellowship.

-Harvest 201. 12 Harvesters have completed the lectures for Harvest 201 and will be taking their final exam next week. The final gathering will be a party and graduation ceremony on December 1.

-Three Strand Prayer. Please take a moment to fill out this evaluation form for feedback and follow-up, find it here.

-Saturday Advent Morning Prayer Meeting. Each year, Saturday mornings in November and December are set aside for early morning prayer to prepare for the Advent season. Advent morning prayer began last week and continues this Saturday on Zoom at 6am. There will be a time of singing, devotional, and times of personal prayer before participants dismiss themselves once they are done. Prayer meeting doors open at 5.50am.

-Service Opportunity. While many ministries and programs have been halted during the pandemic, some are slowly being reintroduced. A form has been created to provide a way for Harvesters to serve in ways that they are able and comfortable. Please take time to fill out the survey to indicate how you can serve during this time - link here.

-Serving Breakfast. Be part of a ministry that serves breakfast to the servants who minister on Sundays between Alpha and Omega services. Info and sign up are available here. Talk to Jaime Fan or Eugene Kwak if you have any questions.

-Christian Service Center (Daily Bread). Be the hands of Christ by packaging meals that will be distributed to those in need at the Christian Service Center (Daily Bread) The CSC (DB) needs volunteers almost daily so you can go at any time you are able. For info, talk to Aaron Hines ([email protected])

-Cleaning Ministry. Our Cleaning Ministry has released some of their servants to go and teach youth so anyone wanting to serve our cleaning ministry can talk to Eugene Kwak ([email protected]).

-Lawncare. Talk to Aaron Hines if you can serve the Lord by grass-cutting and lawn-care on Saturdays.

Youth and Children Ministry News

 -SNF. Every Saturday, our youth ministry gathers for Saturday Night Fellowship starting at 5.30pm. However, THIS Saturday there is a TIME AND LOCATION CHANGE. Students will meet at church at 2pm and will go to a nearby park for Field Day. This week’s SNF goes from 2-6pm. For more info on our youth ministry, contact our youth director, Josiah Cha.

-Partay. Our youth ministry’s next Parent, Teacher, And Youth Time will be a “Meet the Teacher” time THIS SUNDAY. ParTAY takes place soon after our worship service where there will be a large-group time before teachers break up into groups with the parents of their students. Students will meet with Josiah during that time

-Sunday School. Youth classes have now resumed in-person. Please keep teachers and students in prayer.