Sunday Omega Worship Services will be Live-Streamed on YouTube and Facebook



Wednesday Prayer Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Zoom.  Meeting ID and info will be sent each week in the mid-week email.

House Churches are meeting virtually

Youth SNF are meeting virtually on YouTube at 7.30pm on Saturday nights.

Youth Bible Studies are meeting virtually on Sundays after worship service.

Giving of offerings can be done at

Pastor's Heart posts can be read at

Sermons and testimonies can be heard at or at our podcast or Facebook page

Four-Fold Focus

Our ministry philosophy will revolve around FOUR focal points during this season:

1. Connect: keep meeting together and make sure none are left out

2. Encourage: find ways to bless and pour courage into others

3. Pray: talking to God is more important than ever

4. Serve: bless others, such as serving at the Christian Service Center. Talk to Aaron Hines at [email protected] for info.

Consider other ways and share them with leaders and staff

March 21, 2020

Sunday’s Coming!  Ten Commandments of Live-Stream Worship

Sunday Worship is coming and it will be streamed via our Facebook page and our YouTube Channel. Please prepare and come as if you were coming to worship together with others.  This means:

1. pray for our time together, that God would move powerfully

2. come early! Stream will start 10-15 minutes before 10.30am

3. gather your family/roommates and change out of your pajamas

4. find a place with strong wifi connection where you can freely worship without distraction (ie: not in bed, no TV on, no texting, no food around, no chores) - in other words, imagine you’re in worship with the body. 

5. stand when you are asked to stand, pray when it’s time to pray, 

6. don’t let the worship live-stream be background noise while you do something else

7. prepare your offering (see below)

8. if you are tuning in, please leave a comment on the feed to let people know you’re there.  Say hi, write a prayer, share a verse but this goes a long in encouraging others on the feed and building a sense of connectivity while we’re not physically together

9. after service, text 2-3 people outside of your Sunday school class or HC and share one thing that you learned

10. meet virtually with your HC or Sunday School Class and encourage one another

Bringing Tithes, Giving Offerings

Jesus, Paul, and others are in agreement: it’s better to give to give than to receive.  In other words, giving is a means of grace that opens our hands to let go what God has given to us…and in return, God constantly finds ways to re-fill our hands with goodness.  While we may not be able to meet in-person for the time being, you can still give:

1. you can give online at - you can give offerings, tithes, and support your missionary there.  If you’d like to, you can set up recurring gifts.  It helps to automate what’s important.

2. mail checks to Harvest c/o Finance - 16796 E. Davenport Road - Winter Garden FL 34787

Video Resources 

There are a lot of great resources, podcasts, videos out there that you can check out during this time.  Visit the live-streams of other churches.  This is a great time to tune in to other congregations and see how they are doing things.  Please go to our Facebook Page - Harvest KPCO - and you can tune in to Wednesday’s Prayer Meeting.  I also want to strongly encourage you to watch Tim Keller, probably the greatest cultural apologist in our day, talk about Peace in Times of Suffering and Uncertainty.  You can find a link to the replay on our Facebook page.

March 18, 2020

Tonight's 6.30 Prayer Meeting is our FINAL in-person gathering for the time being. Two changes will be made for tonight:

(1) in order to give plenty of distance between people, prayer meeting will be held in our Harvest Worship Sanctuary instead of our Children’s Ministry Sanctuary

(2) parts of prayer meeting will be live-streamed over Facebook in order to allow those who aren’t physically present to pray in unity together.  Join the stream at Facebook Live -

All gatherings will be suspended except for the following;

House Churches will meet Virtually

Sunday Omega Worship Services will be Live-Streamed on Facebook Live -

This will be the status quo until at least through the end of March.

March 16, 2020

For Help:

If you need help or assistance, please talk to a house church shepherd or Sunday School teacher.

If you would like to provide help or assistance in any way, please do the same.

If you feel sick, it's imperative to call your doctor FIRST before going to a clinic/ER in order to protect healthcare workers and patients.  They will direct you to the best course of action and can guide you over the phone as well.

Important Websites for Our Church:

Livestream and On-Demand VIdeos from Sunday Worship on Facebook Live -

Giving of offerings can be done at

Pastor's Heart posts can be read at

Sermons and Testimonies can be heard at or at our podcast or Facebook page

March 12, 2020

Harvesters: We wanted to keep you updated on how we are handling the CV situation as of this moment:

1. Here’s a classification system that’s helping to get churches on the same page as we share responses to the coronavirus.

Level 0:  No change. There should be no church on earth who is in this place - every should should have acknowledged this crisis in some way.

Level 1: Minor modifications of operations (e.g. informing people to stay home if sick, not to shake hands, etc.) with no significant cancellations. Many majority-culture churches in unaffected areas seem to be doing this.

Level 2: Cancel select gatherings. Change some operations (e.g. how to do communion) & programs (e.g. FUSE). This is increasingly becoming unavoidable as churches are compelled to respond to concerns. Asian-American churches and churches that are connected to immigrant churches are at level 2 at a minimum.

This is where Harvest is AT THIS MOMENT.

Level 3a: Cancel all non-essential meetings except for Sunday services. Many larger Korean immigrant churches are here, especially as they are more likely to have people travel from Asia and have elderly people in their congregation.

Level 3b: Cancel all large gatherings including Sunday service. Small and midsize gatherings continue as planned. Some churches (ex: California) are compelled to do this as government recommendations have begun limiting larger gatherings.

Level 4; Cancel Sunday services + all midweek meetings regardless of size. Some larger immigrant churches have begun to take this course of action.

Again, we here at Harvest at Level 2 but we’re ready to level up at any point.

2. Any of the following triggers could escalate our response level:

1-Governmental agency (e.g. CDC, federal/state/county/city government) issuing mandates or recommendations in regards to gatherings.

2-OCPS or Disney World closing.

3-One of our own members or attendees testing positive for the coronavirus.

4-Vision Church makes a call and we will follow suit

3. We are going to postpone all non-regular gatherings indefinitely: cleaning day, coffeehouse, FUSE, missions madness, etc.

4. We will keep holding regular gatherings for the time being but any who feel uneasy or don’t have strong immunity should refrain from coming. We will continue to have Sunday services, Sunday school, prayer meetings, SNF, house church for the time being.

5. if any of the triggers happen, we will suspend ALL gatherings, with the exception of Omega Worship Service, which will be Live-Streamed on Facebook (Harvest - KPCO) and attended live only by those leading or serving in worship.

I know there is fear during this time.  Let’s find our hope in the Lord.  Let’s fix our gaze on Him.  i believe that God is calling His church to pray.  Not just our church; not just the American Church.  But the Church, His bride, around the globe.  Not only to pray, but to serve and love.  Let’s pray for our church, our world, this situation.  May we live in this moment for His fame.

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