Rev. David Larry Kim

Lead pastor

Pastor DL is the Lead Pastor of Harvest. He oversees the congregation through preaching, teaching, counseling and leadership. He is happily married to Olivia and is the proud father of Emmanuelle ("Manny"), Elijah and Elyse. He is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary and the University of Virginia. He has a passion to communicate God's Word, longs to see the Church live out her calling, loves missions, and enjoys playing and watching sports. He is part of the SOLA Network Council.

Email Pastor DL at [email protected].

Rev. Inki Kim

senior pastor

Reverend Inki Kim is the Senior Pastor of the Korean Presbyterian Church of Orlando, comprised of a Korean congregation and English congregation. The Korean congregation is called Vision Church.

Email Pastor Inki at [email protected].

Josiah Cha

Pastoral intern

Josiah Cha is the pastoral intern from northern Virginia, serving as our youth director. He is currently a student of Reformed Theological Seminary and a graduate of the University of Virginia. He loves going on missions and playing basketball (this is starting to sound really familiar). When not studying or serving, you can find Josiah playing basketball one-on-one with Harvest’s middle-schoolers, playing Christmas songs on his guitar in the Floridian summer, taking professional pictures with his less cooperative dogs, and meeting with friends or family. He is an avid fan of Jesus, Jon Foreman, and James, Lebron (had to keep the alliteration going). He would love to meet with you over coffee, though he doesn’t drink it.

Email Josiah at [email protected].